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Software: Firefox 4.0
Posted 2011-04-28T14:40:47 EEST
Software: Firefox 3.6
Posted 2011-03-23T10:56:49 EET
HP xw4600 Workstation as a Hackintosh
Posted 2010-12-03T01:06:45 EET
Software: Eclipse
Posted 2010-10-19T00:25:49 EEST
Software: Windows
Posted 2010-09-09T16:18:06 EEST
Software: Mac OS X
Posted 2010-05-20T15:45:19 EEST
Create Windows 7 All-In-One installation media
Posted 2010-04-19T21:51:47 EEST
Technical details of my Hackintosh installation
Posted 2010-04-19T21:50:21 EEST
Create preboot image for Chameleon bootloader
Posted 2010-04-19T21:49:45 EEST
Patches: AIX
Posted 2010-01-26T22:33:03 EET
Posted 2010-01-25T04:28:12 EET