It’s being oh-so on the edge and way too cool to have your personal blog. You know, a place where you write a couple of times “I met some interesting people today” or “Today, I really saw the best movie ever”. And after a few months, you forget the whole thing. And nobody notices because no-one was reading, because, quite frankly, who gives a damn who you’ve met or what do you go to see in the local cinema?

Of course, there’re some great blogs on the Internet. To me, what makes a blog interesting is that it concentrates on quite narrowed set of topics, it is updated frequently, and that the author is an expert in the field she or he is writing about. For instance, Bruce Schneier’s blog is an excellet source of insight.

But blog posts by not-so-famous-and-interesting-people can be good source of technical information. Nowadays, when you google around information on some technical problem, you’ll most likely find that someone has blogged about it. And that’s great.

I’m not not-so-famous-and-interesting-person and I don’t want to be trendy and tell the world about the great restaurant I visited yesterday. But I often solve technical problems on my own that other people might find userful. So why not setup a space where to document these things. That would make a nice back reference for myself, too.

Since I’m not planning to post anything on regular basis, I don’t want to call this thing a blog. So it’s called blah instead.