Tuomas Jormola Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: 12.5.1981

Current position: Founder, CEO, Leading Consultant at Suula Solutions Oy

Contact information:

Jääskentie 16 A

02140 Espoo

+358 50 3866209

tuomas.jormola@suula.solutions September 4, 2018

Work history

4/2014 —

Founder, CEO, Leading Consultant, Suula Solutions Oy

Available for diverse range of assignments, e.g. IT and development management, service and product design and implementation, infrastructure and software architectures, programming (Java ecosystem, any commonly used scripting language, modern JavaScript/CSS3/HTML5 based frontend technologies), system administration and automation (IaaS/DevOps/Linux).


12/2017 — Solution Architect at Elisa. I participate a deployment project that provides private cloud based container runtime platform for a customer. Technologies involved: OpenStack, RHEL, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, CI/CD, Pipelines. Full-time assignment.

8/2016 — 12/2017 Solution Architect at Elisa. I work in a small team consisting of experienced colleagues responsible for development and maintenance of an IaaS product. I designed and implemented an automated operating system image template management system and integrated the system with the existing production infrastructure. I also improved the Continous Integration process and other processes related to software product development. Key technologies and products: VMware vCloud/vCenter/ESXi, Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring Data, ECMAScript 6, React, Redux, C#, ASP.NET MVC, RESTful HTTP API design, multitude of Linux distributions (RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora, Debian, CoreOS, VyOS), cloud-init, Windows Server, PowerShell, Python, Jenkins, Artifactory, Gitlab, Apache Web Server. Full-time assignment.

12/2015 — 8/2016 Solution Designer at ICT Department of a public sector customer. Key role in developing processes and tools supporting automated continuous delivery of the in-house software projects that drive the business of the organisation. I also participated service and application acquisition and deployment projects as technical representative of the customer. Key technologies and products: WebLogic Application Server, WebLogic Scripting Tool, Python, Jenkins, Linux, Solaris. Full-time assignment.

4/2015 — Maintenance work for Posti Group Oyj. I do small production maintenance tasks related to Netposti product on-demand basis.

3/2015 — 3/2016 Designer in a service migration project for OpusCapita Group Oy. I represented the customer in key technical role in a service migration project. The goal of the project was to transfer the operation of customer’s business critical load-balancing systems implemented using F5 BIG-IP hardware from one infrastructure partner to another. Full-time assignment.

4/2014 — 3/2015 Infrastructure Architect at Tieto Oyj. I was working with public sector and internal customers in various accounts and projects. Full-time assignment.

1/2013 — 4/2014

Product Manager, Tieto Oyj

— Responsibility of two PaaS products based on Open Source technologies

— Ramping up Product Management practices across the organization

— Improving my management and leadership skills both in practice and by receiving training

8/2010 — 1/2013

Technical Platform Manager, Tieto Oyj

— Product Owner and mentor in globally distributed team working on a JBoss based product

— Change Manager responsible for the continous production service of a major customer

— Customer implementations in Open Source Java Enterprise area (JBoss, Glassfish)

— Partner interaction and technical sales support

— Participation in internal development activities aiming at standardization of ways of work for selling, delivering and supporting services from multiple sites around the globe across the technical platform and business area borders

4/2010 — 7/2010

Chief Technology Officer, Whitevector Oy

— Product management and development

— Business development as part of the management team

— Team leader for a small team of developers

6/2008 — 4/2010

Platform Manager, Itella Information Oy

— Team leader of highly technical and skilled professionals with development and operations background

— Outsourcing of IT development and operations functions and production infrastructure

— Implementing service production according to some of the ITILv3 practices

— Also all the activities listed in the previous position

4/2000 — 6/2008

Software Designer / Senior Software Designer, Elma Electronic Trading Oy / Itella Information Oy

— Planning and implementation of software and services in the area of electronic invoicing and B2B messaging and integrations (Java, Perl, C, C++, Linux, AIX, DB2, MySQL, MQSeries, LDAP, FTP, SFTP, EDI, XML, SOAP, RosettaNet, Apache, etc.)

— 3rd and 4th tier continous service support of production systems

— Development of support services for operations of production systems (administration automation, service monitoring (Nagios), ticketing and documentation systems (Bugzilla, Jira, Confluence), CMDB etc.)

— Development, maintenance and support of general and development tools used internally at software development and operations functions of an IT house, mostly based on existing Open Source solutions (custom intranet services, source code management (Subversion, CVS), continous integration (Hudson, Continuum), artifact management systems (Maven/Artifactory), build tools (Maven, Ant, make), testing tools, etc.)

— Put it simply, practicing DevOps before the term was established


9/2000 —

BSc. (MSc. est. 2019), Aalto University, School of Science and Technology

— Majoring in Data Communications Software

— Studies include Business and Industrial Engineering at Aalto University and Political History at University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Social Science History

1997 — 2000

High school graduate, Lyseonmäen lukio, Heinola



ITIL v3 Foundations, Wakaru Partners

Personal features and skills

  • During recent years, I’ve found out that entrepreneurial attitude motivates me a lot. I want to learn more about business in general, design of products, business planning, finance, etc.

  • My personal traits include being very calm and analytical. But I’m also highly customer-oriented, all work done should aim at delivering the best possible value to the customer.

  • I have very good knowledge how business and technology of networked services work. I deeply understand how each step in the life cycle of a service is composed, what tools, technologies, methods, processes and people are required to implement and manage each step successfully.

  • Technically, I’m an experienced system administrator and a seasoned developer

    • Linux/Unix systems (RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu, AIX, Solaris), virtualization (KVM, VMWare), networking (firewalls, load balancers, etc.), storage, system automation and monitoring for cloud environments etc.

    • While I’m not a hardcore, down to the metal code wizard, I can work on existing systems and develop new ones using pretty much any recent technology and framework running on Linux/Unix world. I need no introduction to backends implemented using e.g. Java EE, scripting languages such as Perl, Python, Ruby, and PHP, API/frontends (REST, SOAP, modern UIs using various frameworks and JavaScript), or relational and NoSQL database systems, etc. Also some systems programming experience using C/C++.

    • I own much of my technical skills to the Open Source movement and culture that have allowed me to experience and tinker with hundreds of programs and technologies freely during the years. For example, I’ve been a Linux user since I got interested in computing in my pre-teens, about 20 years ago. When possible, I prefer to use open systems both in professional work and hobby projects.

  • Broad technical understanding combined with customer-oriented approach allows me to efficiently work on solving the problems a customer might have.

  • Team leading experience with good results and excellent feedback. I’ve worked with both local teams and globally distributed teams.

  • Fluent co-operation and communications in a technology company, horizontally from CxO level to junior developers and vertically with sales, marketing, accounting and other support organizations. I’m also very comfortable with working with external customers, vendors and partners in administrational, business, and technical matters.

Language skills

  • Finnish: native language

  • English: excellent

  • Swedish: satisfactory

  • German: basics

Positions of trust

2016 — 2018

Chairman of the Board, As. Oy Espoon Jääskentie 25

2009 — 2012

Member of the system administration team, Effi ry

2005 —

Board member, Rihu ry

2003 — 2005

Scripting Guru, Livecrew, Assembly Organization

2002 — 2003

Accountant, Effi ry