Themes for Awesome 3.5

This distribution contains a few themes Awesome 3.5 window manager. These themes provide support for Delightful widgets by defining theme color and icon names Delightful widgets try to use.

Home page for these themes is at Themes are also listed at the Bautiful themes page in Awesome wiki.

The following themes are included.


Clean, light theme that is designed to be used with Glossy GTK+ theme. Screenshot available at


Dark theme that is designed to be used with Darklooks GTK+ theme. Screenshot available at


These themes use Droid Sans Mono font. On Debian/Ubuntu systems, you can install the package fonts-droid to have the font installed.

If using Delightful widgets, please refer to the Delightful README for the dependencies of Delightful. In order to support all the icons Delightful uses, you need the following installed.

  • GNOME icons package. Debian/Ubuntu packages: gnome-icon-theme gnome-icon-theme-full adwaita-icon-theme-full
  • For CPU and Memory widgets only: GNOME Sensors Applet. Debian/Ubuntu package: sensors-applet
  • For Weather widget only: MateWeather. Debian/Ubuntu package: libmateweather-common


Themes can be downloaded by cloning the public Git repository at git:// Gitweb interface is available at


  1. $ git clone git://
  2. $ cp -a tj-awesome-themes/{Glossy,Darklooks} ~/.config/awesome/themes

Copyright and licensing

Copyright: © 2011-2016 Tuomas Jormola

Licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2.0. License terms are included in the file COPYING.