IkiWiki doclet for LuaDoc

This is a doclet for LuaDoc that writes wiki pages for IkiWiki wiki compiler software from Lua source files documented with LuaDoc markup. Wiki pages are written as Markdown files.


IkiWiki doclet for LuaDoc home page is at http://solitudo.net/software/lua/luadoc-ikiwiki/ and it can be downloaded by cloning the public Git repository at git://scm.solitudo.net/luadoc-ikiwiki.git. Gitweb interface is available at http://scm.solitudo.net/gitweb/public/luadoc-ikiwiki.git.


Install the src/luadoc under some of the directories included in the default LUA_PATH for your Lua distribution, or install under desired location and set LUA_PATH accordingly. More info about LUA_PATH at http://www.lua.org/pil/8.1.html.


  1. Use --doclet luadoc.doclet.ikiwiki command line argument when running luadoc(1).
  2. Copy the resulting directory tree with .mdwn files under your IkiWiki srcdir so that the API documentation can be published as part of your wiki.


If you want to automate creation of the API documentation using GNU Make on demand, see the makefile luadoc.mk for more information how to do that.

API Documentation

API documentation for luadoc-ikiwiki is available under the api/ directory of the distribution.

Copyright and licensing

Copyright: © 2011-2016 Tuomas Jormola tj@solitudo.net http://solitudo.net

Licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2.0. License terms are included in the file COPYING.

This doclet is based on the HTML doclet included in the LuaDoc distribution.

LuaDoc codebase was designed and developed by Tomás Guisasola. Version 3.0 was refactored by Danilo Tuler and Tomás Guisasola as part of the Kepler Project, which holds its copyright.

LuaDoc credits snippet above was copied from http://luadoc.luaforge.net/index.html#credits and included here in order for this software to be compatible with the LuaDoc license.